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UI/UX, Websites, brands, social media, marketing and visual designs is what I love and do best.

I worked with

Proudly served some great big brands:

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I’ve been designing websites, landing pages, brands, motion graphics and visual designs for the past 6 years. My last work was as a party-time job in a travel agency office as a marketing analyst, managing 6 travel brand’s social medias, website maintanance and newsletters.

Before work as a designer, I had a great time in my late middle school and high school doing fanzines and news wall workshops and free musical events, where I also started to play with my own band (a hobbie that I’ve always keeped). These earlier contacts with creative work, later got me started at the Design College.

My first design job was as an intern at a digital marketing agency where I worked for not more than a year, leaving to a travel agency where I worked for 3 years as a creative designer and marketing analyst. After that I started to work on the travel agency where I worked until March, 2020

Along this years as a graphic designer, I’ve had also the opportunity to lead team brainstorms, attend directors and CEO’s meetings, pitch design projects as well as instruct junior designers. The things I liked the most in this job was to understand and idealize brands and user interfaces in a team environment.

Nowadays, after a quick UX/UI immersion course, I’ve been studying on my own to land a career as a digital product designer. I wanted to be a designer to build better relations between the brand and the consumer. Now I see this career as a transformative agent using its metrics and tools to meet the demands that emerge from users experiences and create a better interaction with brands and products.

I’m ready to work in your next project, count me on that! Download my CV or Send me a whatsapp message at +55 11 989950258

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